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[IP] Re: Pump likes and dislikes

snip.....When the "Low Reservoir" alarm goes off at 30 units, you can
shut it off by pressing Esc and then ACT. The pump just wants you to
acknowledge the alarm, you don't have to listen to it all day. Then it
will sound again at 20 units, then 10 units, and you do the same thing.


dx'd 3/02, pumping clear Paradigm 8/02 .........snip


The problem is that since I only take 30 units a day, one of these alarms
has to come when I am asleep, and even the softest sound option or even
the vibrate option is enough to wake me up.  Also, during the day I often
wear the pump under my clothes and it is not always cool to get to it to
acknowledge an alarm.  That is the only thing I dislike about my 511.  I
would love to be able to set an option and not get any low reservoir
alarms.  I think it should really be an option, and I guess alot of
people thought so since I believe it is an option in the 512.



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