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[IP] Re: lows at night & being a kid with diabetes

>>Tina Heubeck posted:
I had pretty much the same experience with my parents and firmly believe
that you have to learn to take care of the things yourself. I would even
go as far as saying the sooner the better. I was diagnosed at age 11 and
my parents got the basic instructions but that was about it. It was
pretty clear from the start that they would support me but it was my
responsibility to give myself shots and measure my bgsnip<<

Hi Tina,

Somehow Noah not waking up from his lows during the night got turned 
into people assuming he is not handling his diabetes responsibly. 
That isn't the case.  He was diagnosed at age nine and, while still 
in the hospital, insisted that he give himself his injections.  His 
dad and I did one each, because it was required, before they would 
discharge him.  That is the one and only time we have given him an 
injection.  Noah won "guess the carbs" competition as a first time 
diabetes camper when he was 10 for coming closet to exact number of 
carbs in breakfast, lunch and dinner meals over the course of his 
week's stay.  He was the youngest competitor in the 9-12 year old 
group but knew more about carb counting than the other campers.  The 
staff was impressed.  He was chosen to participate in a diabetes 
awareness campaign in a neighboring town via radio, tv, magazines, 
and newspapers when he was 12 because of his maturity in dealing 
with, and knowledge of, his disease.  He likes to be in control...not 
just with his diabetes, but with all aspects of his life (except 
getting up in the mornings).  The only diabetes-related thing we have 
a problem with is his nighttime lows, which are infrequent, but do 
happen from time to time.  I will continue to test him at night until 
we figure out another solution.  As I said, I think we'll have to 
adjust his late night eating habits.  As for the getting up on his 
own in the morning....that isn't diabetes-related, but is a MAJOR 
PROBLEM!  : )  I think when he is away from home and can't rely on 
mom and dad to be his back-up alarm, he'll adjust.  We have almost a 
year to find a "wake-up" method that will work for him.

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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