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Re: [IP] Re: lows at night

In a message dated 11/01/2003 9:29:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
How would that help if he doesnt have the cognitive ability to hear and/or
respond to an alarm? When someone is that low with little brain function, it
doesn't seem any of that would really awaken him. Perhaps he needs a higher
than normal target before bed and when he snacks, not bolus as much as he is
now. Wouldn't being 200 over night be much safer than a low where he can't
awaken? YMMV

Hi Jan,

The point of an a sensor type alarm would be that it would "catch" a 
blood sugar on its way down, perhaps around 65 - 70 while a person 
still does have the cognitive ability to respond to it.  For normal 
people who wake without much effort, a regular alarm would be 
sufficient, but Noah would need an earthquake type alarm to wake him.

Being over 200 at bedtime wouldn't work since most of the times he is 
high/normal during the night.  The real culprit in his blood sugars 
fluctuating while he's asleep is late night eating and under or over 
bolusing.  If he goes to bed without having eaten for at least three 
hours, then his blood sugars stay stable throughout the night.

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
Cindy I think you are looking for what we all want the CMGS that has a 
 read-out all the time. As I posted early on this subject your live will dump if
go too low as it has for me over the years. 
 When I was under 10 in the early 50's My mom would leave a glass of OJ with 
sugar cubes in a dish, or if I was real low there was the KARO oh is that 
stuff sweet. We had no test to see if we were 120 or 520. 
 I am sure your son will have a room mate at school. I would make sure he has 
a clue what to do if he wakes up with your son on the floor. only kidding. 
Roger C
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