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RE: [IP] Pumping Pooch

Whoa, step back from the microphone a bit Margo.  You're making vast amounts
of assumptions about what I am and am not interested in.

I am interested in all forms of treatment for a wide variety of groups.
It annoys me that the group that has to deal with it cognitively most of
the time(wage earners),  are not really addressed in marketing literature. 
Children, yes, are a key segment, but when all I ever see is child-centric
propaganda for this disease, it twists my shorts.  The advertising world
irks me to no end most of the time.  It's fairly transparent when you've
figured out what problem they "think" they're addressing or have created
to find a solution for.  Simple market manipulation.

If I wasn't interested in more than I profess on occasion, I would have 
dropped this group long, long ago.  Occasionally I do manage to help someone
if they'll let themself be helped.

--- margo2 <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Brent,

> Unlike you, I am interested in things that may not pertain to just my
> situation in diabetes-related issues as
> you never know when you will possibly be able to help someone else out, such
> as a child with
> this disease.....or even a dog, not to mention other diabetics that are
> having a hard time trying to control glucose on MDI. That said, any Animas
> personnel out there that can send me a copy
> of that newsletter? It would be much appreciated because mine must have
> gotten lost in the mail.
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