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Re: [IP] lows at night & being a kid with diabetes

Ditto here too.  I got it when I was 13 and my parents, well mom, were kept
in the loop so that they could assist should I need help.  The day to day
maintenance and upkeep were performed by me and me alone for 90% of my teen
years.  I made decisions on dosing, checking blood sugar, etc.

The only way to truly live with this disease is to embrace it and treat it
as a fact of life, and something that YOU (the infected party) must handle.
I'm not saying that it needs to be embraced with love, just resolution that it 
isn't going away soon.

Sorry for getting so high on the soapbox, but this topic struck a chord.


--- Tina Heubeck <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Michelle,
> I agree with you 100% (not the parts about your mum as I don't know her
> :)
> I had pretty much the same experience with my parents and firmly believe
> that you have to learn to take care of the things yourself. I would even
> go as far as saying the sooner the better. I was diagnosed at age 11 and
> my parents got the basic instructions but that was about it. It was
> pretty clear from the start that they would support me but it was my
> responsibility to give myself shots and measure my bg. Of course I didn't
> always do it as often as I was supposed to but I still believe that is
> the only way to learn it.
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