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Sorry I forgot the header, AD stands for Addison's disease, which is 
usually has an auto-immune cause. AD and T1 are linked and Diabetics 
have a greater than average chance of getting it. JFK had Addison's. 
Typical daily therapy is 20-30 mg. Hydrocortisone or 5mg. Prednisone 
with .1mg. Florinef. Management is quite easy, but it can kill you or 
sned you to the ER if you are not careful. I had a nasty time a year 
ago when I had the bad stomach flu that went around. My BP dropped to 
'zero.' These are low steroid doses, intended to REPLACE what your 
adrenals might produce. Signs that you might be getting AD are darkened 
pigmentation around new scars, fatigue, dizziness when standing up (low 
BP,) etc.

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