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RE: [IP] Pumping Pooch

>I was impressed with someone's ability to afford an insulin pump
>for their pet, until I read that a rep from Animas was involved in the
>whole deal.  I can't help but think that the pump being used wasn't
>paid $5000 for.
>This might lead some to beleive that pump use is an affordable option for
>the treatment of diabetes in pets.
>While I love Animas, I find that their newsletters cater more to children
>with diabetes rather than adults.  I quickly skim them for information that
>might be pertinent to an ADULT WITH DIABETES, then toss it in the trash
>a sigh.


I have a dog with diabetes and if I could, I would put him on the pump too.
They suffer
many of the ravages of this disease also, their eyes getting hit very hard
by diabetes.
Treatment for pets is way, way behind treatments for humans and insulins
such as NPH, Lente
and even Ultralente are used to control glucose and the results are less
than acceptable, resulting in diabetic cataracts, neuropathy, etc.

I haven't received a newsletter as yet but am inquiring into the matter.
Unlike you, I am interested in things that may not pertain to just my
situation in diabetes-related issues as
you never know when you will possibly be able to help someone else out, such
as a child with
this disease.....or even a dog, not to mention other diabetics that are
having a hard time trying to control glucose on MDI. That said, any Animas
personnel out there that can send me a copy
of that newsletter? It would be much appreciated because mine must have
gotten lost in the mail.

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