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[IP] Re: insurance quandry

>I've been told by MiniMed that 50% of their insurance business is through
>United Health Care.  They just got my pump and supplies approved for
>shipping in 3 days. UHC is the way to go
>Tom - I had United Health Care before and really liked them.  Before I had
a plan that covered 100% and no deductible.  The plan I will have will have
a 250.00 deductible for each person and 10% co-pay.  I had no problems
getting a pump with them.  I just will miss the 100% coverage of testing
strips.  I
can't remember what the RX co-pay is but it is higher than the 10.00 I have
now.  But I will be able to go to whatever specialist I want so will see an
endo for the 1st time in 17 years!

Please, everyone, remember that all insurance plans are NOT the same - even
within the same carrier. We may have the same make of car, but I'll bet they
have diff. features. My United Health Care plan is $40 for 90 days of strips
and the pump is covered with a ceiling of $1500.00 DME per year. That won't
pay much on an almost $6,000.00 item. My warranty is up in March and I was
thinking of upgrading to a 508 but I don't think so. I used one pump for 9
years and it was still working but the co. went out of pumping business. My
3rd pump, a 506, went for 6 years. Hope this one holds out. YMMV (~_^)

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