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[IP] PoP Chat reminder!

Today (11/30) marks my daughter Shannon's 3yr pumpversary! Come
celebrate with me tonight in the Parents chat room at 6:30pm
PST/9:30pm EST (PoP chats are every Sat night at this time)!
Bring your questions, bring your stories! Come on out and make
some new friends!

PS...Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Day was
bittersweet for us as it marked Shannon's 6yr dx anniversary.
While we did not celebrate her diagnosis (of course), we gave
thanks for the many blessings in our lives including pumping,
having a wonderful endo, IP, CWD, friends and family, our health,
just to name a few. :) We really are very fortunate.

Take care, Kerri - IM me on MSN: maverickmom1965
Parents of Pumpers chat host, Saturdays 9:30pm EDT, Parents chat
room at www.insulin-pumpers.org
"doce ut discas" (teach that you may learn)
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