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[IP] losing wieght

hello all.  I was just wondering if someone would be able to help and put
some light to something.   5 weeks ago I started a program called body for
life to try and lose some weight.  i started eating really healthy( no fried
food foods lots of fruit etc.)  and exercising and weight training ( 5 pound
weights) 6 times a week.  My insulin needs have drop alot.   at the
beginning of this program my basal was 45 and i was taking about 35 more
units with meals.  Now i am down to 35 units of basal and most days i don't
need to bolus for meals which i eat six of.  I am still experiencing a good
amount of lows in which i keep dropping my basal rate.  I got on the scale
and it shows i haven;t lost alot maybe 2-3 pounds.  I have lost about 1-2
inches.  My eating habits were horrible before.  i would eatmaybe two times
a day.  I wouldn;t exercise.  I was in pretty rough shape.  I am glad i am
taking a lot less insulin because my husband got laid off from work and
money is tight to try and buy supplies and sometimes come short and have to
do with out strips for a week, trying to get a site to go about 10 days.
What i don't understand is how my insulin needs have changed sooo much in 5
weeks but my wieght isn't doing anything????


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