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Re: [IP] Static Problems

I had severe static problems with my MM 508.  In fact, I had six months
in the first three or four months and it was not during the winter,
where there is more static electricity.  When this happens, you have to
reset everything in the pump.  MM strongly recommended that I take part
in the exchange program and get the new Paradigm, which I was eligible
for.  All the "fixes" that the customer service people recommended did
not work for me.  I would be sleeping and in the middle of the night,
the pumps would just stop working and lose their memory.  They would
give off an alarm that would wake me up, I'd have to reset everything and
hope I could get a few good nights sleep before it happened again.  I
did not have an electric blanket or any of the other things that MM
suggested might set it off.  I always used dryer sheets with all my
clothing and also my bedding, used the static guard case they furnished
me, kept a dryer sheet inside the case.  Finally I just gave up and
reset the thing when the alarms when off.

> We are looking for a pump for my son, 13. I have seen
> several references to static problems and am wondering if
> someone can fill me in on the issue (what is it, which
> pumps, how serious, how fixed)

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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