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FW: [IP] I'm in love.... (with my pump)

Hi Summer,
Congrats on the sugars. Started pumping on 21 - nov. Sugars have gone from
10-18 to ( last 3 days ) 4.1 - 9.5. And only one pinprick every 3 days aside
from testing. I am rapt. Started at 120 units per day, Adjusted downwards
twice now. At 80 units per day. Hopefully as I lose some weight this will
drop some more. Feeling great.

PS What's GERD

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>I am sooooo happy with my pump!!  My sugars have been great!!  My lowest was
>3.2 and highest was 17.9( after a no deliver alarm) for the most part my
>sugars are in the 5and 6's and thats amazing for me!! I can't beleive I've
>gone 16 days without a sugar in the 20's!!!!  I woke up EVERY morning for 2
>1/2 years with sugars of 25.0-28.9+++++ NOW I wake up around 10.0 and with
>some more adjusting I'll have them perfect!   Now I know I'd feel great if
>it weren't for my GERD - I'm walking around feeling 30.0 +++   when my
>sugars are perfect, but It's great just knowing how good my sugars are!
>I love my paradigm.
>I'm down to an average of 30 units a day!  I was on AT LEAST 50 on shots!!
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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