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Re: [IP] Showing Logbooks for insurance

I am a new pumper with Animas. Animas told me to just call when I'm gettting
low on supplies. They never mentioned anything about logbooks or a doctor's

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Subject: [IP] Showing Logbooks for insurance

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> I have a question about logbooks and supplies.
> Do most of you get your supplies from your pump company?
> I was told today I need to send in a months log and a note from my doctor
> before Animas sends a new batch of supplies.
> What do you people send?
> Just BS and Insulin record or the whole worksheet of food notes etc.?
> Seems like a lot of paper work when it's my secondary insurance that
> actually ends up covering supplies.  Medicare already refused my pump and
> supplies.
> I was told the bill needs to be sent to Medicare and refused before it's
> sent to the secondary insurance for payment.
> Has anyone had this experience?
> Shirley (pumping 32 days and LOVING it)
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