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Re: [IP] From Humalog to Novolog: Making the Switch

> I made the switch on Saturday.  I find it the same potentcy wise. 
> My nurse says most can get another day out of your site with
> novolog, but I got 3 days out of humalog and 3 out of novalog I
> havn't tried 4 on either yet.  I havn't found that it works faster
> or longer.  Basicly its humalog with buffers so you should be able
> to get another day out of your site!  

Insulin and insulin analogs are comprised of very long chains of 
molecules. The insulin analogs are essentially identical to "real" 
insulin except that one (Novlog) or two (Humalog) of the molecules 
have been moved or replaced.

In Humalog the amino acids at positions 28(lys) and 29(pro) on the
insulin B chain are reversed. In Novolog/NovoRapid, the amino acid
proline in position 28 of the insulin B chain is replace with a
molecule of aspartic.

Hope that helps.

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