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Re: [IP] From Humalog to Novolog: Making the Switch

Hi Mattias,

How many days do you get from a site on Humalog ?
(As George has said, if you get 3 days from an infusion site on Humalog,
would it be worth changing) ?
In my first weeks on a pump I found I had major problems with Humalog (I had
used Animal Insulin prior to this).  I found with Humalog that infusion
sites were red and itchy (my "record" was 1/2 a day before a site failed).
I was waking up scratching old infusion sites and towards the end of the
time on Humalog anywhere I'd had an Infusion was itchy.  I found that Bolus
doses of Humalog would burn / sting.  Within a week of switching to Novolog
/ NovoRapid all of these problems had stopped.  I generally get 3 - 5 days
out of a site now before I change it.  Novo told me that the
buffer/additives in Novolog / NovoRapid are different and in smaller
quantities than Humalog.  (I guess that my body just doesn't like one or
more of these).

I haven't really noticed whether Humalog was faster acting than NovoRapid,
since Humalog had so many problems and was very erratic on me.

Novolog is marketed as NovoRapid, in Canada, Australia and Europe.

I think it's just a matter of finding which Insulin "best fits you".

T1 33 Years
Pumping 1 year and 1 month
Disetronic Htron, now with an Animas
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