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Re: [IP] From Humalog to Novolog: Making the Switch

On 11/28/02 3:44 PM, "Mattias Morrison" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Have you found Novolog less "potent" than Humalog? (need more insulin)

Definitely not less potent, just a different action.  See below

> Have you found Novolog to give you less "site problems"?

Exactly why I changed.  Sites would go "dead" by the end of the second day
on Humalog.  Now I can go 4 days without site problems on Novolog.

> Have you found Novolog to be "faster" than Humalog?

Not  quite as fast in its start for me, though others DO find it starts much
quicker.  For me the consistency of its action is what is pleasing.  It
doesn't just "hit and run" like Humalog.  It is considerably faster than
Velosulin in starting, yet has a longer action similar to it.
> Thanks in advance.  I'm reluctant to switch to Novolog (NovoRapid in Canada)
> because Humalog is working well for me, but if I could get another few days
> out of a site I'd be a happy guy.  Take care!

I wouldn't change from Humalog just to get a few days more, unless you're
getting less than three to begin with.

> mattias
> (dx 1993 pumping 6 weeks and counting)

Dxed '64, "reborn" 8/13/98
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