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[IP] More on travel

As a frequent flier, I've rarely had any trouble -  I use the "don't tell"
approach.  I wear my pump on my belt, but usually wear an over shirt or
light jacket that covers it but doesn't hide it (just makes it discrete.)
Its never set off any alarms.  Occasionally a security screener will notice
it and ask me to remove my "pager".  When I state its a medical device - the
only questions that are occasionally asked is for the brand or medication.
Education of screeners is getting much better. One screener noted they were
considering an insulin pump themselves and asked me some
"diabetic-to-diabetic" type questions.

On very rare occasions I've been asked about the sharps and asked to produce
the insulin bottle w/pharmacy label - As noted by another pumper, my
pharmacy also gives me pre-labeled pill bottles for storage/transport of
insulin bottles.  Screeners seem more interested in my fountain pen nibs
than in my medical supplies.

On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, one observant flight attendant noted my
pump and asked if I was diabetic.  She also discretely asked if, in case of
an emergency, I had a backup insulin delivery system, glucagon, or fast
acting sugar in my carry-on.  On occasion I've set next to other insulin
dependent diabetics who had lots of questions about pump therapy - always a
treat to talk about pumping!

Happy Holidays!

Pump Daddy
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