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[IP] From Humalog to Novolog: Making the Switch

I've been pumping for about 6 weeks total, and I've used humalog throughout. 
  So far it's been great except for some site irritation. I've heard some 
anecdotes about Novolog vs Humalog, but I wonder if some of you who have 
made the switch could shed some light on the subject.  Your own 
anecdotes/stories would be appreciated!

Have you found Novolog less "potent" than Humalog? (need more insulin)

Have you found Novolog to give you less "site problems"?

Have you found Novolog to be "faster" than Humalog?

Thanks in advance.  I'm reluctant to switch to Novolog (NovoRapid in Canada) 
because Humalog is working well for me, but if I could get another few days 
out of a site I'd be a happy guy.  Take care!

(dx 1993 pumping 6 weeks and counting)

p.s. Pumping rocks! I have only one regret: I should have started on the 
pump a LONG time ago.  For all of you sitting on the fence, take the plunge 
and give pumping a go--I don't think you'll regret it!

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