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Re: [IP] Can you get refunds on pumps?


Even though your 90 days are up, I would call MM and see what they can do.  I'll bet at the very least, they would let you go back to a 508.  If they are in any frame of mind to give good customer service, they might figure you are "close enough" to 90 days to let you out.  They should have record of how many times this has happened to you, and I know it has been several.  

I know when I was thinking about buying a MM pump and couldn't decide between the 508 or the Paradigm, my CDE told me that chances were, I could easily change my mind back to the 508 if I tried the Paradigm and didn't like it.  They have a LOT of them since so many people upgraded.  

So I would expect you could at least go with a 508.  That may not be the pump you would prefer to go with, but it would at least be better than what you've got, now.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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