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[IP] Re: Just wondering

>I was just wondering for an insulin pump if its o.kay or not to put it in 
>your jean/pants pocket without the case on? I have found that is the 
>most comfortable way for me to wear it. The lady from MiniMed said 
>it could cause static. Does anyone else wear it that way? I use the 
>paradigm pump.

I also usually wear my pump (Paradigm) in my pocket w/ no case.  I've 
never had a problem with it.  I've never heard anything about it potentially 
causing static, but I suppose anything's possible.  However, I just checked 
on the Minimed website and it does suggest pockets as a place people can 
keep their pump -- no mention of a case, but I'd think it would be a little 
bulky to have the pump in its case in your pocket!

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