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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Pump

In a message dated 11/25/2002 11:17:52 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I've been on my pump for about 2 weeks. The first week
> was great, but the last few days have not been so great. I've had too many
> highs. We're trying to change my numbers around again. I've been doing the
> same things as in the beginning but for some reason it's not working as
> well. HOpefully, we'll figure it out soon. I'm going to hang in there. It
> will get better.

Glad you're hanging in there!  You've gotta remember that even though you've 
got this great new tool, it's still diabetes -- with all the unpredictability 
in involves -- that you're dealing with.  The great thing about pumping is 
that your can make adjustments so easily!  There are so many things that 
impact BG levels that are outside your control -- don't get discouraged!  The 
highs you're experiencing this week could be anything from pre-menstrual 
hormones to lower physical activity levels because the weather isn't as nice 
as the previous week, to some simple errors in carb counting.  It's good to 
try and figure out the reasons behind a trend that you want to turn around, 
but sometimes you just can't (so try not to make yourself crazy!).  Good luck!

Pumpmama to Katie (12) happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" since 
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