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Re: [IP] Whooping cough?

> My daughter 11 is on a pump.  Recently (last few days) her numbers
> have been almost constantly between 200 and 350.  She has been doing
> a correction every two hours or so with very little improvement. 
> Today at school she had a mild headache and slight fever (99.7). 
> She also got dizzy for a short time.  Saturday evening my sister got
> a call from her dr and found out that my 14 yr old niece has
> Whooping Cough.  Elizabeth was exposed, but so far isn't coughing. 
> Monday AM I put a call into Eliz pediatrician and told her all this.
>  Elizabeth is now on antibiotics for ten days.  Any suggestions on
> anything else I can do? Thanks, Nancy Mom of Elizabeth 11, dx 5/97
> and pumping 7/01

When Lily is ill, we raise her basal rate to keep her bg's in line, 
then watch carefully for improvement and lower the basals. Of course, 
she does that for herself now that she's older.

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