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Re: [IP] Question on changing insurances

> My husband's company just switched insurance companies in the middle
> of my starting on the pump.
> I will need supplies soon, but don't know where to start. The
> insurance company or Minimed? I'm on an HMO, so I don't know if I
> need a dr's Rx for the supplies or not. I called the insurance
> company, but they couldn't even tell me wether the supplies would be
> covered or not.
> Has anyone had to do this before and offer which would be the best
> place to start?

First you need the policy information, plan number, group, etc... 
Then call the insurance company and ask if insulin pump supplies are 
covered under durable medical supplies or the prescription drug 
portion of the plan. If they have difficulty telling you, ask for 
pharmacy services -- not the company that handles the drug plan, but 
the contact for the insurance company liason person for that plan. 
Keep kicking the problem upstair from that point until you get 
someone that can answer your question.

BTW, you will need Rx for your supplies.

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