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Re: [IP] Insurance woes

At 11:17 AM 11/25/02, you wrote:
>Why is it my fault that her lousy mail order company can't pick up a phone 
>and order what I need?? Why is
>it that my tubing is suddenly durable then not durable depending on who 
>insures my company each year??? I am so sick of fighting everyone. The HR 
>people don't seem to be any help this time. And its so lovely to get this 
>news right before Christmas when I don't have much money to spend on gifts 
>anyway. I guess I need to start calling, complaining, and harassing today. 
>When I have a chance.
>Anyone have any ammo I can use? Or threats I can give???
>Sherry C
> >From the huge metropolis of Bowling Green, KY

Different insurances cover things differently.  For years with my BC 
Traditional insurance, I had to pay for syringes out of pocket and then get 
reimbursed for them.  However, if you worked for an automotive company at 
that time, and had BC Traditional they paid for them same as a prescription 
drug.  This difference was because of the contract negotiated by the Union 
with the automotive company.  Later, BC Traditional began paying for 
syringes same as a prescription drug for all plans.

That all said, it depends on the insurance company, the type of coverage 
they offer, and the plan negotiated for by the providing company.  Some 
folks here will have their pump supplies covered as a prescription item, 
others such as myself with BC/BS Community Blue PPO, will have it covered 
as durable medical equipment.  It depends on the policy and the contract.

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