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Re: [IP] Paradigm "battery low" quandary

How Long do batteries last and can you ignore the low battery alarm to get more time out of the batteries?

It depends on the battery.
I seem to go 10 days to 3 weeks between battery changes with an average of 14 days.
AAA are dirt cheap.
I'm averaging about 50 cents / battery.
however, since they are cheap, they tend to be inconsistent.
I've gone from no low battery alarm to about 12 hours after the battery alarm.
I normally change batteries as soon as it's convenient after the low battery alarm.
I would not recommend going to sleep with a low battery alarm though.

I then give the old batteries to my soon to use in remotes, etc.  
They seem to last about another 2 months for him.
We now have a mason jar full of old batteries waiting to be used in remotes, games, walkie-talkies, etc.

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