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[IP] Paradigm "battery low" quandary

I love my Paradigm!  It's (finally) quiet.  It is very small, and indiscreet, 
and it is waterproof (yeah!), BUT what I once thought was great, having to 
use AAA batteries, has now become problematic.  The source of my concern 
revolves around the turn around time of the battery. . . dismal :-( at best.  
I was ecstatic when I made it nearly two weeks with one battery.  I know 
MiniMed reps read these so, I'm making an announcement, and also requesting a 
little feedback when I make this, and please "Gloom and Doomsayers" you had 
better have some hard facts to back up your claims, or I'll continue my 
Here's what I did:  
1) At the prompting of my pump, I changed out my battery for a fresh new 
2)  8 days later I get a low battery indication
3) I determined to identify how long a "low battery" indicator was good for, 
and so I proceeded to ignore the warnings.  Now, I am aware that ignoring the 
warning puts me in jeopardy of having my pump fail on me at anytime, but so 
far I've managed a 200% lifetime increase since I've ignored the warning, and 
it's still going strong!!!  
In other words, what once was lasting maximally 2 weeks, and in this case 8 
days has now been lengthened to 2 more weeks.  
It's my theory that the paradigm detects the amperage of a battery and when 
it drops a certain percentage amount then the indicator goes on, and some 
batteries have a longer sustained amperage than others, but still put out 
just as much voltage for nearly the same time.  
I don't know how to effectively test my hypothesis, and frankly I'm not sure 
I want to . . . that's why my insurance paid big bucks to Minimed for my 
pump, right? 
I am vigilant in measuring my BG, and I always make a visual/or tone 
verification of my boluses so it's wouldn't be long before I detected the 
pump dead, should it happen quietly.
OK, folks, how about some feedback on this one?
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