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[IP] ATA and flying with diabetic supplies (kinda long)

I didn't realize just how adventurous I have been.  :-)  I flew to Vegas
last month on America West through Logan (Boston).  They share the same
security gate as ATA at the airport.  I had no letter from doctor, no
perscription labels, just one change of set and reservior along with my
basic supplies (test strips, meter, etc) in my bag.  I had two new syringes
in my zipper bag with all the supplies, and an open bottle of insulin
floating around in there.  (I was going for only 4 days).

I was checked at the gate and before boarding, mostly because my bicycle
helmet dangling from my bag seemed to make me look suspicious.  LOL.
Anyways, when wanded they asked what my pump was and when I told them they
accepted that no questions.  They searched my bag, had me pull out the
contents of my supply bag (meter, strips, poker, syringes, etc), and then
had me put them back.  At the boarding area, my bag was also searched.  When
the guy opened the bag with my supplies he asked if I had any syringes in
there.  When I told them yes, but they had not been used and were still
capped, he gave the bag a glance over and zipped it back up.  I don't know
if it was his paranoia of needles or just the standard rule of operation
there.  Granted the second search was done by America West.

I also was heading to the JDRF Ride to a Cure in Death Valley, CA.  So worse
case scenario I was going to be bumming supplies off of other riders until I
could get replacements.  :-)  You'd be amazed the number to pumpers who were

I used to fly all the time on Delta and USAir for work, and flew countless
times after 9/11/2001 and I have never had a problem with my pump or with my
supplies and have never carried a note.  I will probably not make the effort
when I fly home for Christmas this year either.  But then again my dad is
also on the MM508 so again I could always bum supplies off of him when I am
there.   LOL.

My dad flies all the time for work (once or twice a week).  He flies from
Charlotte, to Washington D.C., Detroit, Albany, Boston, New York (LaGuardia
and Newark), etc.  He has flown most the major airlines, but not sure about
ATA.  He also doesn't have all the necessary letters but I think he does
have the insulin bottle in the box with perscription.  He also has never had
a problem.  He also flew to Germany a few weeks ago and went through the
effort of getting a letter from the doctor and was never asked for it.  He
was there two weeks.  However, for international flight I know other list
members have had some problems, so I would highly suggest it for that just
for piece of mind.

If you think about it, when your daughter flies she will go through the
security gate and possibly be checked at the door of the plane.  The odds of
her being picked to be searched at both are relatively slim, and I have not
heard from anyone who has not been allowed to fly because of not having a
perscription label for their insulin/syringes etc.  In my case, I was
searched because I was wearing overalls and the buckles set off the metal
detectors, and my bike helmet at time of boarding was getting some looks.
Just don't have her look suspicous.  LOL.

Good luck!
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