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[IP] Insurance woes

I've been lurking the last several weeks because it has been so busy at work. But now I am fighting a new battle about my pump supplies AGAIN. This time last year I was fighting a new mail order pharmacy that didn't seem to want to listen and I spent weeks on the phone arguing back and forth to get my supplies covered. Now we have switched from MedBen to Anthem Blue Cross and the rep said "our mail order program doesn't cover those so they will have to be covered as 'Durable medical supplies' with the applicable deductible and copay". Why is it my fault that her lousy mail order company can't pick up a phone and order what I need?? Why is
it that my tubing is suddenly durable then not durable depending on who insures my company each year??? I am so sick of fighting everyone. The HR people don't seem to be any help this time. And its so lovely to get this news right before Christmas when I don't have much money to spend on gifts anyway. I guess I need to start calling, complaining, and harassing today. When I have a chance.
Anyone have any ammo I can use? Or threats I can give???

Sherry C
>From the huge metropolis of Bowling Green, KY
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