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[IP] Re: ATA and flying with diabetic supplies

I did go to the Insulin Pumpers site and then directly to the Transportaion 
Security Adminstration site to make sure I had the most updated information 
and it said that you should have the label from the pharmacy.  I will get a 
note from Melinda's regular doctor so she doesn't have to worry but wish they 
would be consistent.  Of course a lot of it is up to the security screener so 
you never know.  I was surprised at what they say you can have in your 
carry-on luggage at the TSA website - corkscrews, nail clippers, nail files, 
safety razors, scissors with blunt tips (but not pointed), hairspray, etc.  I 
have heard of people not being able to take some of these things on.  
Here is the website:
It says that Diabetes-related supplies/equipement are allowed once inspected 
to ensure prohibited items are not concealed.  Unlimited number of syringes 
are allowed when accompanied by insulin.  Insulin must be properly marked with 
a professionaly printed label identifying the medication or manufaturer's name 
or pharmaceutical label.  

I have sometimes told them that I had supplies but they seemed totally 
uninterested.  Once a couple of years ago they questioned my pump supplies but 
when I told them what they were for, they were mostly just curious about the 
pump.  I have had them wand me and the pump without incidence but sometimes 
the alarm still went off so I just held my pump away from my body.  A couple 
of times they "patted" me down.  Now I don't say anything unless they are 
searching my bag and would see something.

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 + years
and daughter Melinda age 18 Type 1 - 3 weeks 
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