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[IP] Pumping

I have made through almost my three days on my insulin pump. I will be
changing infusion set in the morning. So far, I am doing really good. Had
to adjust my basals about four times or more, but only for the better. I
started out on 37.2 units, and believe I'm on 19.2 units a day right now.
Of course, it'll probably be different again tomorrow when i call. I've
had wonderful help through the lady at MiniMed that had did my training.
She pretty much has taken over my care of getting my basals rate set. She
has been wonderful. Friday my training lasted a little over an hour. It
was really neat to get it going. I have been so excited not taking shots.
My husband said to him its not that great of a thing! I told him Friday
night was the first time in nineteen years i hadn't taken a shot! What's
not great about that?? For people who don't have to worry about their bg
control, what they eat, ect., I guess this isn't that great, but to me
its a whole new lease on life. I'm onl! y 30 yrs. old, and I want to live
as healthy as I can for a long time to come. I have had a couple of
highs, only in the 200's, and a few lows. No lower than 45, and that was
the first day. Anyway. I'm so happy with the difference I'm already
feeling. I love this thing!!                      JAMIE  Marty email @ redacted
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