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Re: [IP] Carbos in proteins t V6 #811

Shaun, do what works for you.  Some protein will get converted to 
glucose, and fat cells will use up some of the insulin.  I have met 
several pumpers who bolus based on calories, NOT on carbs, and like 
you they seem to function pretty well.  YMMV.  So if you are doing 
good, why change?  You will never be perfect.

<<<<<<<<<<The idea was new to my diabetes nurse last week, and the 
clinic dietician
she asked about it said no way. I tried to find info on various Web sites
like CalorieKing and FitDay, but nada. It's curious that since I've been
counting part of the protein as carbos, my readings have been spectacularly
"normal," but maybe what I should do instead is just count the "traditional"
carbos and fine-tune my insulin-to-carbo ratios.     Shaun>>>>>>>>>>
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