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[IP] Flying with sharp diabetes supplies

I have gone through security at BWI, Washington National, San Jose, and
Seattle.  I was picked for the detailed search twice, once because
something set off the alarm when I walked through the check-point, and
once it was just the random search at the gate.  In both instances, when
I told them I was using an insulin pump and carrying sharp supplies, they
couldn't wait to get me out of their sight ASAP.  Neither asked to see
either my insulin label or my doctor's note.  They peeked in the bag
where the sharp things were for 1/2 a second, and quickly zipped it back
up, not wanting to deal with it.  I think they have probably been trained
to expect us, and told not to hassle us.  The first time I allowed my
pump to be "wanded," and had trouble after that with my pump on the plane
- I got a no delivery alarm, but didn't hear it with the noise of the
plane engine, and was a new pumper so didn't recognize that it was
vibrating.  My blood sugar! was 400 by the time I realized it.  So the
next time they wanted to wand me, I asked for a pat down instead, which
they did.

Julie, Paradigm since july 2002


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