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Re: [IP] Diet Vanilla Coke

I tried Diet Vanilla Coke once a couple of weeks ago.  I was loitering at my favorite coffee shop (Liquid Cube in Northridge, California) and felt I should patronize the place.

The stuff was vile at first sip, but I acquired a taste for it as I nursed it for an hour.  I think "Vanilla" and "Soda" just don't mix.  I may try it again if it's free at a party, or if health insurance will cover it.

Although the vanilla cola was tolerable, it reminded me of an incident that was like 3 decades ago.  My friend Pete offered me a "Diet Chocolate Soda".  I should have suspected something when I saw him take the six-pack out of the fridge and 5 cans were still connected to the plastic.  I took one sip, then ran to the kitchen sink and spit it out.  I believe that 4 cans are still attached to the plastic to this day.

--Mark (dx'd 1978, pumping since 1994)

P.S.:  I like Diet Coke (WITHOUT the Vanilla) better than Diet Pepsi, but I tend to drink whatever diet gunk the 99-cent store happens to be selling.
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