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[IP] MM dual wave running & new bolus needed

>>>We have wanted to try the dual wave bolus on  the MM508, but if we understand the functions of this pump correctly,  we can't bolus for any new food eaten while the dual wave is running? My daughter is a real grazer and I know she would have to munch on something else and we would need to use a bolus.  Would it work the same if I do the following when I want a dual with half now and half over 3 hours: <<<

The short answers are, yes, and yes.  I have a 507 and have trialed a 508.  Both work in the way you described, and I consider it a real weakness of the MM pumps.  Like your daughter, I am a grazer and prefer to use small boluses for those foods rather than plan what I will eat and account for it in a square wave.  I have also had the difficult situation where it became clear that my original bolus and square wave were obviously no where near correct, but in order to correct for it, I had to stop the square wave and restart it, guessing at the length of time and having to do the math on how much remains to be taken.  It is a real pain.  

To compensate with my 507, I don't even have the square wave feature enabled.  Instead I do a temporary basal.  It accomplishes the same thing.

Summer thought that because the Paradigm didn't work that way, the 508 wouldn't either.  All I can say is, it is about time they got it right with the Paradigm.  It should have been obvious this was a bad design when they first came up with the square wave bolus.  Unfortunately, this is an improvement of the Paradigm over the 508.  The best YOU can do with your 508 is the temporary basal.

Hope I've helped.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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