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[IP] ATA and flying with diabetic supplies

My daughter is flying ATA to see her Dad next week and they told her that she 
needed a note from her doctor dated within the last 10 days to bring diabetic 
supplies on the plane!  I called them today and was told the same thing.  I 
asked why their policy would be different that the official TSA 
(Transportation Security Administration) policy and so she read it and agreed 
that it said you need to have the insulin label from the pharmacy to bring 
syringes.  She said they don't control the security screeners and so just say 
you need a note from your doctor to protect yourself.

Has anyone else heard this from an airline or more importantly actually needed 
a doctor's note to get on the plane with supplies?  I haven't had a problem 
(except my pump setting off the scanners which was OK when I explained what it 
was or they patted me down) and I haven't heard of anyone else having a 
problem.  I told the woman at ATA that we have enough things to do without 
going to the doctor for a note every time we fly!  My daughters is going to 
her Dad's for over 10 days in January, would that mean that she would need 
another note for the return trip!  It's not like she is going to become 

Type 1 29 years, pumping 3+
now with Melinda, age 18 Type 1 - 3 weeks 
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