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Re: [IP] Carbos in proteins

> Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 15:16:44 -0500
> From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>

> How protein affects BG levels is in two ways.  First, as the body
> metabolizes the protein, SOME of that protein eventually is broken down into
> carbs, depending on several factors.  Numbers have been published, it seems
> anywhere from 40-60% of protein is "converted" to carbs in the body.  This
> accounts for SOME of the delay.  It takes time for the body to metabolize
> that protein into carbs.
> [...] It is hard to determine which aspect of protein is affecting your BG
> level at any given time.  Essentially, it doesn't matter, unless you attempt
> to bolus for the protein...in which case you just have to find what the
> pattern is in your own body.

Well, I get more and more confused. When I rejoined this list recently, it
seemed that tons of people were regularly counting a percentage of protein
as carbo and doing either a regular bolus or a square wave to deal with it.
Now I'm getting the impression that it's a minority of people who do this,
and except for Bernstein and the Pumping Insulin book, there isn't a huge
amount of reputable documentation out there.

The idea was new to my diabetes nurse last week, and the clinic dietician
she asked about it said no way. I tried to find info on various Web sites
like CalorieKing and FitDay, but nada. It's curious that since I've been
counting part of the protein as carbos, my readings have been spectacularly
"normal," but maybe what I should do instead is just count the "traditional"
carbos and fine-tune my insulin-to-carbo ratios.

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