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At 09:34 PM 11/23/2002, you wrote:
>I just received and email at my email @ redacted address that did have
>a virus. McAfee popped up immediately and said it the email had a virus and
>that it deleted the file SI.EXE to get rid of it. I then deleted the email
>from my INBOX folder. When I went into my Deleted Items folder, McAfee once
>again popped up and said it was deleting SI.EXE and I then deleted the email
>from my Deleted Items Folder. Unfortunately I deleted it before I really
>paid any attention to the file name. I think it had "mailinglist" in the
>header somewhere.
>The only mail that I recieve at this address is from IP and from Therasense.

It can not come from the IP list.  The List Serve Strips out all 
attachments from messages.

May viruses forge the headers..   just an FYI

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