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[IP] Re: unopened, unrefrigerated Novolog?

> Hi everyone,
> I made a stupid mistake.  I took two new boxes with bottles of
> Novolog inside out of the fridge.  Why?  They were taped together,
> and I didn't want to tear up my prescription label.  I accidentally
> left the full bottle out, still in the box.  I also still have
> almost a full bottle, so it'll be awhile before I need to use the
> second one.  Question - is it safe to leave it out of the
> refrigerator for a couple of weeks before it's even opened?  I'm
> sure putting it back in once it's room temperature isn't a good
> idea.  I was raised by depression-era parents, so I hate to trash a
> whole bottle of insulin.  

I used to store Novolog in the fridge and then just let it warm for 1 hour 
before I used it and then put it back in the fridge.  I asked a Novolog 
representative at an American Diabetes Assoc. convention if it was OK to warm 
and cool it like that and he said that was fine.  Now that the weather is 
cooler, I have been leaving the vial I am using out.  It's a little hard for 
me to do even though I know its OK. I spent too many years worrying about 
insulin getting warm!

I agree with Michael - just put it back in the fridge.

Type 1 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 with Novolog for 1+ years.
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