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RE: [IP] Carbos in proteins

There are actually a few of them but arginine is the one I've
seen discussed the most. The Endocrinology text Ellenberg and
Rifkin's Diabetes Mellitus discusses the "glucagon effect" you

>From what I've been able to find, there is no mechanism for
humans to convert fat to glucose. The glycerol in the fatty acids
can be converted to be used for energy but this only happens with
stored fat during starvation, not with foods that are eaten. The
book mentioned above also talks about this. Using a conversion
factor of 10% for fat might help some people keep that delayed bg
rise down though.

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Ryan said:
Here is the problem.  It isn't really the fat that is causing the
here.  Cheese, nuts, and certain other foods contain the amino
acid that
triggers the "glucagon effect" I mentioned earlier.  (Not all
forms of
protein do.) I don't remember the name of the particular amino
acid off the
top of my head...but I can look it up if need be.
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