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[IP] Re: MM dual wave running & new bolus needed

Sherry asked, in part:
> <snip> For example:
> Basal for that time is 1.0 per hour
> Need to give 6 units in dual for pizza
> Bolus 3 units now for 1/2 of the pizza carbs
> Program a temporary basal for 3 hours and add the amount of the usual
> and the amount of the remaining dual needed each hour-in this case it
> be 1 unit for the pizza and 1 unit of the normal basal, which would equal
> temporary basal of 2 units per hour for 3 hours--then that would free up
> bolus mode to cover any additional snacks or other carbs that are consumed
> during the next three hours.
> Is this a correct way to deliver the insulin and get to use the same
> as the dual wave and also be able to bolus?--or is my thinking boggled at
> this point?

This is what I can do with my 507c, or stop it and bolus, then reprogram for
the remaining unfinished part. But, I think the 508 can be bolused during a
square wave, so it's best to check your manual. I think that was one of the
508's improvements over the 507c. But, you are right in your figuring if
that's the way you go. Good job!  Other pumps that do not have the
square/dual feature can mock it by doing what you wracked your brain over.

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