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[IP] MM dual wave running & new bolus needed

We have wanted to try the dual wave bolus on  the MM508, but if we understand 
the functions of this pump correctly,  we can't bolus for any new food eaten 
while the dual wave is running? My daughter is a real grazer and I know she 
would have to munch on something else and we would need to use a bolus.  
Would it work the same if I do the following when I want a dual with half now 
and half over 3 hours: 
For example:
Basal for that time is 1.0 per hour
Need to give 6 units in dual for pizza
Bolus 3 units now for 1/2 of the pizza carbs
Program a temporary basal for 3 hours and add the amount of the usual basal 
and the amount of the remaining dual needed each hour-in this case it would 
be 1 unit for the pizza and 1 unit of the normal basal, which would equal a 
temporary basal of 2 units per hour for 3 hours--then that would free up the 
bolus mode to cover any additional snacks or other carbs that are consumed 
during the next three hours.
Is this a correct way to deliver the insulin and get to use the same concept 
as the dual wave and also be able to bolus?--or is my thinking boggled at 
this point?

I've seen it suggested that aging people take up studying a new language, 
etc. to keep their brain cells active and help prevent deterioration-with all 
the constant math calculations and research on pumping we've been doing at 
our house, I've think I've found my second language!
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
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