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Re: [IP] I need your voice

> I have read all the comments on free meters and they all are good  I
> agree with that amount of strips purchase by a diabetic  that the
> meter should be free. Does any of the meter companies monitor this
> page? What would be the best way to send all these messages to them
> so they might know our feelings?......Jim

Well, gee...., now that you asked  <heh... heh...>

A little background.... I've been trying to get the meter companies 
to "talk" to me for several years now. Usually I get no response or 
what could be equated with a "grunt". The best I've managed is the 
dozen or so meters we received for pledge gifts about a year ago. 
Since then ---- silence ---- not a peep in response to regular 
messages asking for minimal support ($500 for our pledge drive) or 
invitations to participate in the online chats.

To put it in perspective.... Insulin Pumpers has assisted over 10,000 
individuals and families since 1997 and currently has almost 4,000 
active members. Those 10,000 BG TESTERS use almost 
$17,000,000   -YEAH 17 MILLION dollars worth of test strip every 
year. Each member of IP tests on the average 6.8 times a day ... 
that's $1,623 bucks worth of test strips every year.

So, write them a few letters, please mention Insulin Pumpers 
and my contact information ... email @ redacted or 
email @ redacted

Here's the contact information you asked 
for :-)

Steve Reese
Abbott Laboratories MediSense Products
4A Crosby Drive
Bedford MA 01730
781 276-4747
email @ redacted
asst. email @ redacted
The folks were nice enough to send us some meters last year for our 
pledge drive.

LifeScan a Johnson & Johnson company. These people NEVER reply or 
return phone messages. The person responsible for meters is 
Teresa Agnew
408 942-3701  --- but I really wouldn't know since I've talked to her 
twice in 3 years and she does not return my phone calls.
Customer Service
email @ redacted
For being the "largest" meter manufacturer, they are remarkably 
unresponsive. Rodney managed to contact someone and invite them to do 
a chat to which we got a big "no", not interested.

Roche Diagnostic Corporation -- makes Accucheck
9115 Hague Road, PO Box 50457
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0457
Pecking order (I think)
email @ redacted -- Director of Marketing??
email @ redacted -- works for Nancy ???
email @ redacted -- Internet Marketing Manager
These folks also sent us meters last year for our pledge drive

Best I can do for Bayer is an 800 number. Have no contacts there.

Bayer Dex, Elite, Elite XL
800 348-8100

Basically that's it. If anyone has better contact info for Lifescan 
or Bayer, let me know.

email @ redacted
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