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Re: [IP] Whole Fried Turkey

> Hi every one. I am another loyal Texan who loves to fry his Turkeys. I
> been doing this for 4 years now. I grew up on the traditional roasted
> and was tired of eating it to dry or cooked to long. So once I heard of
> it I looked into it bought a kit as was explained in another letter and
> two 16 pounders one thanksgiving for the family. Well they were all
curious as
> well as the rest of my neighborhood. When we got thru eating there were no
> left over turkey. There is no oil in the meat because as soon as you
> it  in the peanut oil the outer layer sort of cauterizes and makes a seal
> nothing is lost from the inside, all the moisture stays in the bird. I was
> very skeptical and felt like you canucks (no disrespect intended) until I
> tried it. I am now cooking 14 of them over the next few days for my
> so I got to go fry em.

i guess we up here have our own weird culinary delights (not that i delight
in all of them though, some i think are pretty bleah).  ottawa has
beavertails (known by other names in other places, but not the same unless
eaten in the middle of winter from soggy mittens while on the canal) which
are fried flat pastries with a variety of toppings, although most people i
know just have it with sugar or sugar and lemon and cinnamon.   There's also
a lot of french-canadian specialties which have spread, like poutine (fries
with cheese curds and gravy), tourtiere (meat pie), montreal style smoked
meat (not the same unless it's montreal style, and best in an actual
montreal deli), feves aux lard (basically a special kind of baked beans,
often with fat bits in it) and other stuff i can't remember right now.
besides the smoked meat, i don't really ever eat any of the above (although
i did used to eat beavertails sometimes before i got the big d).
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