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RE: [IP] Carbos in proteins

Shaun and others...

If you eat a higher percentage of protein than in a normal serving, you can
rest assured that it will show up in your blood sugars anywhere from 2-6
hours after you eat it.  Also consider that lots of proteins you eat contain
some sort of fat and if you ask my opinion, it's the fat that causes the
elevation of the blood sugars more than the protein.

You can check this out yourself by eating a larger piece of chicken than
normal without ingesting any fat and check your b.g. an hour apart for
several hours to see what effect it has on you.

Then try something with protein and fat in it (usually something like
cheese, peanuts,etc.) will make your b.g. rise several hours afterwards even
if there is little or no carbs in the foods.

Another thing I find that totally messes up my b.g. is bite size
Tostitos...I guess it's the white corn or something cause there aren't a lot
of grams of fat in it but it sure as heck messes up my b.g. and I love

I have found that if I double the amt. of carbs that I have eaten and bolus
for this and then do a dual wave around 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs later with half
the amt. of original bolus, the b.g. aren't too bad.

This is solely based on my findings and are not listed anywhere in any

Kathy B.
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