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[IP] Re: *so-and-so didn't take care of themselves*

"jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>all those who say *so-and-so didn't take care of themselves* 
I hate when people tell me this.  Since I usually don't know the person or 
anything about them it is hard to defend a fellow diabetic but I still feel 
bad because its generally people with little knowledge about diabetes making 
these statements.  Let them walk in our shoes.  My family is good about not 
telling me what to eat (I told my recently diagnosed daughter that she is 
lucky in that aspect that they are "broken in").  Co-workers and friends will 
say "you can't eat that".  I told a co-worker that smoked that when she quit 
smoking and had been diabetic as long as me , then she could tell me what to 
do.  The point was not that I was criticizing her smoking but we all have the 
right to make choices for ourselves.  When I worked in a nursing home I felt 
bad that they wouldn't allow the diabetics to have one little piece of cake at 
the monthly BD party (sometimes they would give them fruit instead!).  After 
awhile the nursing staff eased up.
>I have lots of people tell me I  have taken good care of myself and I tell 
> them I did not
People will tell me that I don't have complications because I take care of 
myself.  I know it is because I am lucky and I do hope it is genetic.  My 
daughter has gotten diabetes but hopefully she will not get any 
complications.  I went through 10 years of 1 shot a day and no BS testing and 
I don't even want to think what my  A1C would have been in college if that was 
available.  My goal during that time was not to go low.  I thought urine tests 
were a waste because they wouldn't tell me if I was low.
As far as the food police go, I have known for a long time that a carb is a 
carb but until I joined groups like this, I didn't have the knowledge to stand 
up for myself and explain why I could eat whatever.

Type 1 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 (and thankful to have the pump and the support 
of other pumpers especially on Thanksgiving!)
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