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Re: [IP] Diet Vanilla Coke & insurance question

At 06:12 PM 11/22/02, you wrote:
>Recently Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said they require three months
>worth of sugars for those who test more than four times a day for some
>Certificate of Medical need wanting documentation from me that I test because
>of: example uncontrolled diabetes. These are my issues:
>1. I live for the moment - I test and not record on a piece of paper, making a
>correction if need be.
>2. Mentally, I know my patterns of being generally high at certain times of
>the day or being low at others, making adjustments if need be.
>3. You would think they would be happy to have (people with diabetes)
>diabetics test more often "to know what their numbers are" rather than not
>test at all.
>4. The insurance company will probably look at the numbers and not what they
>are all about as well as will know my business. I do test to see if something
>is not right and make adjustments.
>Just wondering if anybody else has to report blood sugars to their insurance
>company. I do report to my doctor - that seems to be the appropriate person.
>Happy pumping and thanks for listening. Sharon B

Sharon, I was also told that I needed to send log sheets to my supplier, 
since I test more than 4 times per day.  The reason I was given by the 
supplier was because Liberty Medical Supplies in Florida was sending 200 
test strips to people who only tested once per day and then were buying 
back the unused test strips from those people for $10 per box.  Thus the 
people were making money off the insurance companies.  I don't know if this 
is true or not, but I managed to come up with some numbers to send in on 
log sheets by checking the memory on all my meters.  I also "live for the 
moment" and do not write everything down.   I'm hoping that BC/BS is not 
going to try to go over all these log sheets (I can't imagine they have the 
time or personnel to do so) and then try to tell me how many times I should 
test.  I know, I can hear Michael now, "they are practicing medicine if 
they do so".  :o)

dx'd 1963
pumping 2002
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