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Re: [IP] Whole Fried Turkey??? (was Diet Vanilla Coke)

Yes the whole turkey is Fried and I doubt that you will find it anywhere but
the south (USA that is). Some people do fry their own but most buy it
already fried. Pre-ordering is best to insure that you get one - they are
that popular. The cauldron is very similar (if not the same) as that used in
a crawfish boil. Ever had that? You can check one out at:

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From: "Jhenn Kinnear" <email @ redacted>

> Oh mah gawd....are you saying the whole turkey is fried...whole?? Do you
buy them from the grocery store already fried or do people do this in their
homes? What type of cauldron do you have to have full of boiling oil in
order to fry a turkey hole? I'm sorry, my mind is boggled by this
concept...and yet... strangely intrigued.  I've never experienced this in
Canada, is this an American delicacy? Your poor arteries.
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