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[IP] Calling all Trackers users and prospective users

We need to make sure Therasense knows what we don't like so that they can
make changes. The more people they hear from the more apt they will be to
make the changes we want.

Janet email @ redacted wrote to RoseLea: "I have the same complaint.
I just got my FreeStyle TRACKER and love it except for the set meal time

I assume that you know on the PDA you can override the time category and
that this info is uploaded to the PC. The only problem is that it is not
uploaded to the Co-Pilot program. I do not see any reason why it is not. If
this bothers you, please email  Therasense at email @ redacted and
let them know.

Also, check out the statistics in all of the Co-Pilot reports. For example,
look at the Histogram, at the bottom, it gives
                 Pre       Post     Bed
               Meal      Meal    Sleep
Within     36.5%   31.3%   11.5%
Above     3.1%      4.2%    4.2%
Below      5.7%     3.6%     0%

I think each of the columns should add up to 100% so that it shows the % of
pre-meal readings in target, above, and below.
NOT the % of all readings that are pre-meal readings within target. If you
agree with me and would like for them to change this, please let them know
that as well.

I have written an email with samples of the reports and how they need to be
changed, if you would like a copy of the email let me know privately
email @ redacted
It is a Rich Text (HTML) file containing tables but it is not too large.

We have better bargaining leverage if we do this as a group in a positive
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