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RE: [IP] Basal Testing!--Q&COMMENT

> 2.  I am still struggling with the issue you described below about
> sleep-time BGs.  If I eat ANYTHING with carbs after 8:00, it doesn't
> matter what it is and it doesn't matter how perfectly I count carbs
> and bolus, I wake up HIGH at 2AM; then I take my correction bolus,
> go back to bed and when I wake up again around 6:30AM I usually have
> not gone down at all!  But if I am able to not eat anything after
> 8PM (VERY HARD FOR ME!) I sometimes wake up low at 2AM. I do know I
> need to do a basal test overnight!  But aside from that I need help
> to figure out my bizarre metabolism during the night!  

Insulin utilization sometimes is more effective when you sleep with 
respect to a food bolus. Your high in the middle of the night could 
very well be because of a rebound from a bolus induced low  that 
occured earlier due to a late snack / meal. The fact that you wake 
low at 2:00 when you do not eat before retiring suggests this.

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