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Re: [IP] One Touch UltraSmart

>One problem I have had with all the downloading and automatic built in 
>log sheets is that, with my schedule, I never eat lunch, or any meal, 
>at the same time.  It might be noon today, 3 pm tomorrow.  All the 
>meters and software I've tried so far require you to set time periods 
>for lunch, etc.  This never works for me since, with the above 
>pre-lunch would be at noon, and post lunch would be 2-3 pm.  The next 
>day would be pre-lunch 3 pm. with post lunch being somewhere around 5 
>pm.  This just throws all the logsheets off so badly requiring so 
>much "fixing" (I can't use any software that doesn't allow of manually 
>entering information for this reason) that to me, it's so much easier 
>to just use paper and pencil when doing logsheets.  Does any software 
>allow for more flexibility?


Actually, I had that same problem.  In Logbook DM I'm doing it 
differently...adding some intelligence in.  You still set times for 
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.  But, that's it.  Those times 
are the start times you would typically use without much overlap.  The 
software then treats the first reading in that time period as pre-
whatever.  The Post-whatever doesn't happen until it sees that you 
actually entered carbs in a previous entry.  For those days that are 
widely out of normal, you can manually override the categories 
easily...but MOST of the time (if you set your times up fairly 
accurately) it will determine it correctly.

The problem is that most make you set times for the post-events as 
well.  Mine doesn't...it uses post-event by examining the previous 

Look for it in Logbook DM 1.4, to be released this weekend.

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